If you're lucky enough to own an Aprilia, we don't need to tell you how special they are! This standout manufacturer has been on the scene for more than 75 years, in which time it's evolved from producing humble bicycles to rides worthy of winning the World Superbike Championship. Not bad at all - and they're beautiful-looking beasts to boot.

It doesn't matter whether you commute to work on an SR GT or tear around on an RS 660, we can help you find the Aprilia bike insurance that suits you down to the ground. We know how important it is for you to have the right policy, but we also understand that trying to secure the right policy can feel like a real chore. And nobody likes chores. But that's where Entire Cover comes in!

We'll compare different providers to help you take out Aprilia motorbike insurance at a price you're happy with. All you have to do is fill out a few basic details and we'll do the rest! So, read on to find out more about Entire Cover and why you can count on us when it comes to your next Aprilia insurance policy.

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Why choose Entire Cover

  • Get a quote in next to no time
  • Cover for a huge range of Aprilia models
  • Policies from UK insurance providers
  • Easy to add optional extras to your cover
  • One of the only UK sites where you can compare multi-bike insurance quotes
  • Providers' claims line open 24/7
  • Access to brands rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot
  • Option to pay via instalments

What could my Aprilia insurance cover?

We will compare Aprilia motorbike insurance from various UK providers, so the details of your cover may differ depending on the policy you choose. But here are some of the benefits you could receive when you come through us, subject to the insurer's terms and conditions:

  • No-claims bonus protection
  • Up to 90 days' insurance for riding in Europe
  • Cover for any other bikes you might own under a multi bike policy

Want to get into some of the finer details? No problem - we can also help you make sure your Aprilia insurance policy matches your needs. To do this, we offer the option to include additional extras that might not be covered within a policy as standard. These can include:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Helmet and leathers cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Legal expenses cover

How much does Aprilia motorcycle insurance cost?

Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to provide a simple answer to this question. That's because the price of your premium will depend on so many factors, such as:

  • The model of your Aprilia and its engine size
  • Your age and riding experience
  • The value of your Aprilia
  • The level of cover you require
  • Any previous claims and/or convictions
  • Any modifications to your Aprilia
  • Optional add-ons
  • Where you store your bike
  • Any security measures you have in place

When you come to Entire Cover, we'll compare Aprilia insurance quotes from UK providers so that we can try and help you find a quote that suits. And when you've decided on a policy, you can choose to pay the full premium upfront or spread the cost over monthly instalments.

How do I compare Aprilia motorbike insurance quotes with Entire Cover?

To find the right Aprilia insurance through Entire Cover, all you have to do is enter a few details about you and your bike. Within a matter of moments, we'll compare quotes across our providers and share those with you. All that’s left then is for you to choose the policy that fits your needs, at a price you're happy with. What could be easier!? Get started with Entire Cover today.

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